Our Landscape Design Process

Are you thinking about transforming your garden this year? All it takes is a vision, research and an experienced garden landscape designer who can inspire, inform and assist you in achieving your goals.

Original Ideas | Personal Service

Too many people make the mistake of hiring the wrong company to help with garden landscaping projects. It’s important to know that maintenance and landscape design are completely different. Rather than working with maintenance companies with high turnover and employees not trained in design, or hardscaping companies with limited plant knowledge, contact Colleen and Amy at THE SHE SHED.

We offer landscape renovations and designs that are a natural extension of your home. We don’t cut corners or offer “cookie-cutter” approaches.

Part of what makes us different is that we personally oversee the design and implementation of every project from start to finish. There is nothing worse than handing your dreams and money to a sales representative who hands your vision to someone else and disappears. When you work with us, we earn your business and we go the distance with you.

Our Design Process

We prioritise transparency and communication on every project, regardless of it’s size. There are three components to our design and installation services.

  1. On-site consultation - We want to know you and your property so we can evaluate your unique style, vision and site conditions. We will ask questions and make recommendations but at the heart of this discussion is understanding what is important to you and brainstorming about how to turn your ideas into a living, breathing, beautiful space.

  2. Design - Many landscapers take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to design. But not us. We provide scaled drawings that will allow you to see for yourself how your garden will come together. Our artistic focus is on the living elements of your design and depending on your preferences we include custom features such as lighting, raised beds, patios, pergolas and decks.

  3. Installation - Many builders and landscape designers outsource installation to third party contractors. At The She Shed, we install your planting ourselves while working closely with our contractor to build out custom features according to our specifications. Our attention to detail allows us to create a space that flows and feels well designed.

Landscape Lighting

Create mood and ambience through outdoor lighting including LED up-lighting, flood lighting, fence lighting and more. The right lighting makes a huge difference when entertaining and getting the most out of your garden.

Ongoing Maintenance

Caring for your garden can be a great source of pleasure but there may be times when you just can’t get around to it. Fortunately, we can help with this too. From pruning and leaf cleanup to weeding and mulch, we have you covered.

As winter comes to a close and you start thinking about your vision for a custom garden or green space, let us help. Contact Colleen and Amy for an initial consultation