Overgrown to Outstanding in One Day


Location: South End, Halifax

Price Range: $1,500 - $2,500

Client Goals: Garden Maintenance

As newly-weds, this couple bought their Victorian-era home located on one of Halifax’s busiest streets. Together, they raised a family and created a back yard garden that was the heart of the home and a labor of love.

A home-coming was planned to reunite their family. The homeowners wanted to enjoy family traditions including outdoor dining, playtime with grandchildren, and quiet morning coffee time in the room at the back of the garden.

It had been many years since the homeowners had been able to provide care for the garden. They sought a quick turnaround, expert pruning and professional maintenance for their overgrown English-inspired garden.

THE SHE SHED put to work a crew of four…we removed five trailer-loads of debris and worked a very long day. This garden was transformed back to its former glory as a beautiful urban sanctuary.