The Artist’s Garden


Location: Purcell’s Cove, Halifax

Price: $5,000 - $7,500

Client Goals: Garden Renovation

“I need some weeding done…its been a few years since I’ve been able to do it”, said the voice on the phone.

From a “few weeds” to a full-on garden renovation, we loved working with this artist and her family!

An abundance of mature perennials, shrubs and trees had lost their way. We weeded, edited, moving things around and removed healthy plants that didn’t fit and prepared them for planting at the family cottage. Then we bought an amazing twisty baby locust tree and a corkscrew hazel shrub and worked till dusk for a few days.

“…and we have this great outdoor sculpture by Cape Breton artist Gordon Kennedy that we’d love to have sited too”.

How did they know we love art as much as we love gardens? That we consider a garden a form of living art?

Sometimes we find the garden…and sometimes the garden finds us.

“We are so happy with what THE SHE SHED team has done with our gardens. You have transformed the look and feel of our house and we are over the moon with the final outcome. 

Thank you to Colleen and Amy for connecting so well with our aesthetic and to everyone, Rhaea, Joy, and Helen, for slogging through so many weeds, so much dirt and sod, working through the rain and humidity and making it happen all within the time you had hoped for”