If you aspire to realize the power and beauty of nature just outside your door then you have found a company that shares your values. We are a boutique landscape gardening company that is perfectly sized for nurturing collaborative relationships and creating beautiful gardens. 

We offer complimentary consultations year-round and book client projects from May to November on a first-come, first-served basis. We customize our approach to your needs, from a "one-off" visit or a spring-to-fall, scheduled maintenance program.

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Lawn and garden maintenance

When it comes to plant identification, hands-on attention to detail and the ability to tackle demanding over-grown gardens, our team has it covered.  From the most delicate to the most demanding job, we bring expert knowledge and a work ethic that amazes.

Garden bed maintenance includes weeding, planting, pruning, splitting/moving perennials, edging and adding bulbs or annuals. 

We offer lawn care that includes top-dressing, over-seeding and applications of natural nematodes to tackle grubs, iron-based natural weed management, fertilizers and lime to keep your property looking its best.

Plant and install

Whether you need help with your entire property or a single garden bed....or seek an update or a complete new design, proper installation is necessary for a successful outcome. 

Even the most challenging lots can stimulate the senses, enliven the heart and renew one's sense of place and home.


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New or updated garden design

We offer a design service for new or tired gardens that suit your budget, home and lifestyle.

We meet with you to establish your priorities, budget and lifestyle uses of your property.  We take measurements and photographs and analyse your property to determine features and needs. Then, we develop a concept drawing and an accompanying list of plant materials, implementation plan and budget for your project.